Friday, 1 March 2019

Interpreters and the need for caution

1 March 2019 

[…] Defendants, advocates and even judges may not be aware of how such errors in interpretation can contribute to the wrong verdict. […]

"there is no interpreter"

1 March 2019

[…] The prosecutor commented: “I would have encouraged the court to deal with the matter today, however, due to a clerical error beyond anyone’s control there is no interpreter.
“In the absence of this, I think it would be careless to go ahead with sentencing”. […]

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

"waiting for an interpreter"

27 February 2019

14:56 Interpreter arrives in court
Ali’s representative has appeared in the courtroom along with a Sudanese interpreter and we’re expecting the defendant to arrive in a few moments

10:49 Hearing delayed
The hearing has been adjourned until 12:30 pm, as a Sudanese interpreter cannot attend court until then.

10:31 Interpreter needed for hearing
We’re still awaiting the arrival of Ali as an interpreter is needed for today’s hearing.