Saturday, 7 April 2012

Home Office Consultation re Police Procurement

Home Office Consultation re Police Procurement – closing date 27 April 2012

The MoJ Framework could be made mandatory for police forces in May 2012, through legal amendment of the national police procurement processes.
A Home Office consultation regarding Police Procurement is currently taking place. The Consultation indicates that any police procurement for interpreter services would automatically default to the MoJ Framework (see pages 19 and 20).

(Page 19)
Requirement to use the police procurement hub
3. All police forces must use the service known as the police procurement hub, as specified in the Zanzibar Services Framework Agreement (b), to the exclusion of any other arrangement offering a procurement service.

(Page 20)
Transitional provision
5. Where on the date these Regulations come into force, a contractual commitment has already been entered into for the supply for police purposes of one or more of the services listed in the Schedule, regulation 2 shall not apply until the contractual arrangements in question expire or are otherwise terminated in accordance with their terms.

Translators and Interpreters Language Services (b)
(b) Published by the Ministry of Justice in 2011

This will apply to the whole of England and Wales.

Please respond to this consultation until 27 April 2012 here:

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