Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Who really runs the public sector?

22 August 2012

Who really runs the public sector?
[…] Applied Language Solutions (ALS): Capita took over ALS in December 2011. In the previous July, ALS had won a Ministry of Justice (MoJ) contract to provide court interpreters. Since the beginning of the contract on 1 February 2012, there have been complaints from the judiciary and solicitors about the service including allegations that some cases had to resort to using Google translate. The way in which ALS was awarded the contract as well as its subsequent performance are to be investigated by MPs.
Capita told Channel 4 News: "Statistics released by the MoJ concerning the contract show an improvement month on month in fulfilling requests for interpretation services (nearly 3,000 bookings a week) rising from 65 per cent in the first month of the contract to more than 90 per cent in April. We are determined to get the service running at full efficiency, providing transparency of opportunity for linguists and fully supporting the MoJ, police and court service." […]

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