Thursday, 6 December 2012

Scotland: Man says female interpreter denied him fair trial

6 December 2012

Punjabi-speaking man claims he was denied fair trial on charge of assaulting prostitute
A Punjabi-speaking man has claimed he was denied a fair trial on a charge of indecently assaulting a prostitute because of inadequate interpreting. […]
He is challenging the conviction at the Court of Criminal Appeal in Edinburgh, on the ground that the “absence of accurate and comprehensible interpreting prejudiced his full involvement in the trial.”
Hassan said he believed the female interpreter had not translated exactly what had been said in evidence, often using euphemisms. He had understood about only 40 per cent of what she told him.
“In our culture, she would not be able to talk freely...females can’t speak openly with a male,” he told the appeal judges, through a male interpreter. [...]

6 December 2012

Jailed sex attacker says female interpreter denied him fair trial
[…] Hassan, a Punjabi speaker from Pakistan, said the issue was further complicated because the interpreter was an Indian woman who spoke Hindi.
He estimated he could understand 40% of what the woman translator was saying to him, adding: "Because she was not telling me everything in full, therefore I was not able to explain my side of the story”. […]

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