Monday, 8 July 2013

IAPTI’s tribute to NRPSI interpreters 

IAPTI’s tribute to NRPSI interpreters 
The IAPTI Board has decided to hold its first international conference in London, UK. 
Why the UK? We decided to pay tribute to the group of courageous interpreters who, against all tides, have been resisting the agreement between the UK’s Ministry of Justice and Capita Translation and Interpreting (formerly known as Applied Language Solutions), a company paying sub-standard rates for language professionals working as interpreters for the police and the courts. 
This agreement was one of the most shameful insults to our profession: the Ministry of Justice decided to spoil a full-fledged system of individual professional court interpreters and cut down on costs by granting a legal monopoly on the provision of these services to Capita. This company, in turn, in¬tended to cut on interpreters’ rates by more than half. 
Interpreters affected by this measure have been resisting and refusing to sell their services for peanuts since 2010. Some of them have even left the profession, which is extremely sad. But these brave actions have served to place interpreters and their work in the spotlight. They are fighting for their profession and we have been supporting them from the beginning. 
This is not an easy moment for UK interpreters, but we will be there to support them. Will you join us? This first IAPTI international conference will feature exciting presentations on interesting topics for translators and interpreters such as professional marketing, branding, language, ethics, new trends in social media, and much more. All of this will be made in tribute to the UK interpreters. 
Please note: as part of IAPTI’s tribute to UK interpreters, NRPSI members are paying a special fee, the same as IAPTI’s members. 

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