Monday, 3 March 2014

Interpreters: preparing for the worst 
3 March 2014 by Stephen Bishop

Interpreters: preparing for the worst
The experiences referred to by Mr Martin and Mr Coxall of interpreters failing to turn up for court cases are far from unique. Sadly, I am aware of nearly 4,000 similar complaints that have been reported since the MoJ outsourced court interpreting to Capita.
I would urge solicitors always to check that the interpreters they engage, or which are engaged on their behalf, are registered with the National Register of Public Service Interpreters – as specified by the ‘national agreement’ referred to by Mr Martin. If the worst happens and problems are experienced with the interpreter, NRPSI provides a free, transparent complaints process.
The professional interpreters on the National Register are horrified by the way their hard-fought reputation is being gradually eroded by the poor standards that have resulted from government outsourcing.

Stephen Bishop, executive director, National Register of Public Service Interpreters, London EC2

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