Saturday, 12 April 2014

Cumbria's top judge criticises interpreter delays 
12 April 2014

Cumbria's top judge criticises interpreter delays
Cumbria's top judge has demanded an explanation after a case at Carlisle Crown Court had to be put off for the second time because there was no interpreter available.
A man of Pakistani origin – who speaks Urdu and only a little English – was due to be sentenced yesterday on charges involving a knife and threats to his partner.
But the hearing had to be adjourned after it emerged that, though an interpreter had been booked to help Arjun Amar from Kendal understand what was going on, none turned up. It was the second time the case has had to be adjourned.
A previous hearing could not go ahead for exactly the same reason.
Judge Paul Batty QC, Carlisle’s Honorary Recorder, described the situation as “unacceptable” and ordered a written report from the company which should have provided the interpreter – Capita Translation Services.
“I simply do not understand how this situation has arisen,” he said. “It certainly should not have done.”

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