Saturday, 31 January 2015

Lost in translation...

Lost in translation...
A neighbourhood support team officer in North Yorkshire approached his inspector, outlining that a Romanian shoplifter, part of an organised crime group, was in custody. He went on to say that there was no interpreter available and the detainee did not speak a word of English.
The officer, unperturbed, had used Google to search for the Romanian word for address. On his first attempt the search results yielded a top entry which said ‘Word Hippo’. The officer had then managed to elicit the address by repeatedly shouting “What is your hippo?” at the detainee with different inflections until the required information was disclosed.
Slightly sceptical, the inspector ran the same Google search, only to have to disappointingly inform the officer that ‘Word Hippo’ was the website – which gave the translation as ‘adresa’. Shouts of “What is your hippo?” could be heard down various corridors of the police station for the remainder of the shift.

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