Monday, 9 February 2015

No interpreter 
9 February 2015

[...] Ayaan's mother Mariama Ismail Hassan said she had asked for a translator at the hospital and for all decisions about her daughter’s care to be made by her - but doctors held crucial meetings without her and refused to listen.
She added: “I felt disrespected and marginalised by the hospital. My concerns were not heard - I was completely ignored by the doctors.
“I am still trying to deal with what happened to my daughter. They need to realise the detriment this has caused to the family – it has been very difficult for us all.”
Older sister Kadija Ahmed added: “We were not informed of the decision to administer penicillin and our concerns were not heeded subsequent to reactions.
"My mother did not want to discuss my sister’s care in the absence of her children or a translator for fear of misunderstanding." [...]

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