Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Language Service Framework Agreement

Overview of the procurement
The Language Services agreement is being developed to replace 3 existing CCS agreements that cover face-to-face translation, written translation and transcription, and telephone interpretation.
The Language Services agreement will support a wide range of contracting authorities with diverse requirements across a broad range of languages, including non-spoken, providing face to face, translation and telephone interpreting.
We do not set policy on how public sector organisations provide access to interpreting services nor do we determine the appropriate qualification levels for interpreters in particular circumstances. The offering is broad and it is for individual customers to establish their requirements in line with their policies when creating a contract under the framework agreement.
The lotting structure of the new agreement will provide greater service capacity, offering contracting authorities maximum choice and flexibility, and increase opportunities for linguistic providers.

Opportunity to comment
The current working draft of the specification is available here. Please note, we reserve the right to change this specification prior to its publication as part of an invitation to tender.
If you have any further substantive comments on the proposed specification please email

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