Thursday, 11 February 2016

"trial collapsed collapsed after concerns over an interpreter's translation of the evidence"
11 February 2016

[…] The trial of Yasir Muhammed Hafiz, who worked at the Madrassah Nur Qur'an mosque, in Parkside Road, West Bowling, Bradford, collapsed last August after concerns over an interpreter's translation of the evidence.
Judge Jonathan Rose discharged the jury because misinterpretation of the defendant's evidence had made the trial unfair.
The judge told the jury: "This is a man of good character, facing very serious charges. I cannot take a risk with the reputation and liberty of a man if there is something not right about the evidence."
Judge Rose fixed a provisional date this month for a retrial.
But the case was withdrawn at a brief hearing at Bradford Crown Court this week.
A court spokesman said the prosecution had offered no evidence and Judge Peter Benson entered not guilty verdicts on all charges. […]

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