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Police in Derbyshire spend almost £1 million on interpreters 
14 January 2014

Police in Derbyshire spend almost £1 million on interpreters
[…] Derbyshire police uses an agency called Cintra, which is employed by all the forces in the East Midlands, and which charges an hourly rate for its services. The rate is set and costs the same for whatever language its staff interpret on, a police spokesman said.
Since April 1, £106,695.30 has been paid to the agency, with the most spent on translating Polish - at £21,608.40. Romanian comes in second so far this year at £12,360.15 and Urdu is in third place at £12,045.75.
Over the past five years more than £170,000 has been spent on interpreting Polish suspects and witnesses, the highest amount for one language. Others that come high in the list over the past five years are Russian and Slovakian. […]

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