Tuesday, 23 May 2017

thebigword wins legal action against Language Empire

23 May 2017

thebigword wins legal action against Language Empire
Language services provider thebigword Group has won a court order against Language Empire Ltd and its director Yasar Zaman over intellectual property rights.
His honour Judge Hacon in the UK High Court Chancery Division made an order giving judgement against the defendants, restraining them from infringing thebigword’s trade marks.
The case, number IP-2017-000049, was heard in the Intellectual Property and Enterprise Court.
The order restrains the defendants from passing off their products and services as being those of thebigword.
The court ordered the defendants to transfer the internet domains thebigwordtranslation.co.uk and bigwordtranslation.co.uk to thebigword.
It also ordered the defendants to deliver up any offending materials as well as details of any business won as a result of the passing off.
Language Empire Ltd and Yasar Zaman must comply with the order by May 25 or be in contempt of court.
The defendants must also pay damages to thebigword as well as its legal costs. These will be determined at a later date.
Larry Gould, chief executive, said:
“thebigword Group has generated substantial goodwill across the world in the field of interpretation and translation since 1980.
“We work extremely hard to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and customer service for our clients in complex and demanding situations.
“As a responsible organisation with a strong and growing reputation in the public and private sectors, we will defend our position robustly.”
Virtuoso Legal, the leading UK intellectual property firm, acted on behalf of thebigword Group.

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