Thursday, 20 July 2017

Ireland: Judge questions costs of proceeding with €16 theft case 
Thursday, 20th July

Judge questions costs of proceeding with €16 theft case
A judge has raised her eyebrows over the cost of proceeding with a court case against a woman who is charged with stealing goods valued in the region of €16 from Tesco in Castlebar.
The services of an interpreter will be needed when the case proceeds at Castlebar District Court in September.
When the matter first came before Judge Mary Devins, she noted that the bill for an interpreter will be in the region of €1,600.
Judge Devins wondered if we are going back to Victorian times where offences against property are deemed more serious than those against the person.
She then asked Mr. Vincent Deane, Mayo State Solicitor, for his views on the matter.
Mr. Deane responded that an offence is an offence and has to be prosecuted.
"If you say you are not going to prosecute, where do you draw the line?", Mr. Deane asked.
The judge proceeded to certify the services of an interpreter in the case and listed the matter to proceed in September.

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