Friday, 4 August 2017

We will not stand by as our jobs and rights are ruined 
4 August 2017

We will not stand by as our jobs and rights are ruined
[…] Following a meeting with LLS in 2016, and after consultation with our members, it became clear that NUBSLI had no alternative but to boycott the related contracts held by LLS.
Having only established the union in 2014, for a previously non-politicised profession, the decision to boycott contracts held by LLS wasn’t taken lightly — especially as this was likely to impact on access for deaf service users. It demonstrates the significant threat we believe the framework agreements are to our profession.
As the first ever action the union has taken, it was important for it to be successful. With just under 40 per cent of the profession as members, we were confident that withdrawing our services would have a significant impact.
It was clear that LLS didn’t believe any action would hold. As a branch of freelance interpreters, many of our members in Sheffield became aware of interpreters as far away as Scotland being approached to cover their work. Thankfully, as a small profession, there was support nationwide.
The boycott held for seven months until finally, last week, LLS conceded that it was unable to deliver the service it had been contracted to provide. The company has now implemented a new payment arrangement and agreed to the guidance fees NUBSLI members work to. […]

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