Thursday, 2 April 2020

‘Can I go to work today?’

‘Can I go to work today?’ by Anna Aslanvan
2 April 2020

[…] Interpreters registered with thebigword, however, which provides language services to the Ministry of Justice and several NHS trusts, recently got a letter from the agency. After assurances that their ‘Business Continuity plan’ is ‘working well’, they get to business: ‘Whilst the majority of the burden financially is been taken by the company this does include reducing our linguist rates across the board by 15 per cent from Monday 23 March.’
Any reduction to thebigword’s notoriously low rates – between £18 and £24 per hour for court hearings – would leave some of its interpreters on less than the minimum wage, if not out of pocket, after costs. […]

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