Thursday, 3 May 2012

Voicing concern - Malcolm Fowler

Voicing concern
03 May 2012 by Malcolm Fowler

Journalists Catherine Baksi and John Hyde are to be congratulated for their perseverance in reporting on what is correctly described in your editorial as the ‘farce’ resulting from the engagement of Applied Language Solutions (aka Capita) for the justice system’s interpreting and translating services.
Rather than the stance of continued denial of what all on the ground can see is happening, at the very least the Ministry of Justice should forthwith consult the authentic interpreters’ groups. Urgency should be the watchword, since every day that passes brings with it serious and expensive disruption and the real danger of miscarriages of justice. I thank the Gazette for adding its voice and weight to this important issue.

Malcolm Fowler, solicitor and higher court advocate, Dennings, Tipton

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