Thursday, 2 June 2016

"no Polish interpreter in court" 
2 Jun 2016

[…] Grzybowski appeared in custody before the magistrates having been arrested in Southampton and brought to Swindon for this latest hearing. He had previously been arrested and taken to court on March 22 for the hearing after he missed his day in court at Chippenham Magistrates’ Court on February 18. But there was no Polish interpreter in court that day so matters were adjourned to be heard at Salisbury Magistrates’ Court on April 1, which he failed to attend.
Mr Hardy told the court that as there had been no interpreter in court his client had not been able to follow proceedings and was not aware when he was next due in court, which prompted him to miss his date in Salisbury.
Chairman of the bench Jonathan Chappell agreed not to proceed with the charge of failing to attend, despite believing that as Grzybowski had been legally represented there was no way he would have left court in any doubt of when he was next due in court. But he conceded that Grzybowski would enter a not guilty plea to the charge and it would not be in the public interest to pursue that charge to a trial.
Instead Grzybowski was ordered to pay a fine of £400 along with Crown Prosecution Service costs of £85. He must also pay £150 compensation to his victim. […]

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