Friday, 2 September 2016

Man accused of Mateusz Szleper murder told police 'we did that' 
2 September 2016

Man accused of Mateusz Szleper murder told police 'we did that' - Hull murder trial hears
A custody sergeant who booked Agustin Sula in at Solihull Police Station was asked about comments he made via an Albanian interpreter, who worked for Capita, and was assisting Mr Sula by telephone.
The comments were made after Mr Sula, who was 17 at the time, was informed of the circumstances of his arrest "for murder", the court heard.
The sergeant said he had made a verbatim note of what was said.
Alistair MacDonald QC, for Agustin Sula, asked the officer: "Is there any record of the time at which you engaged the interpreter in his case?"
The officer said: "There isn't on here what time I engaged the interpreter, no.
"It may be possible it's in the prosecution's possession."
Timothy Roberts QC, prosecuting, said he did not have the record.
Mr MacDonald said: "We have been informed nobody can identify who the translator was."
The sergeant said: "I believe in my statement I have given a reference number for that [the interpreter's badge number at Capita]."
In re-examination, Mr Roberts asked the officer: "Sergeant, are you sure that you used an interpreter over the telephone to help you to communicate with Agustin Sula?"
The officer replied: "Yes, I definitely used an interpreter. There was no other way of communicating with the gentleman in ensuring he understood why he was at the police station and what was going on."
When Agustin Sula was first interviewed by Humberside Police on February 25, he was asked about the "significant remark" he was said to have made.
Asked what response he gave, a detective sergeant said: "He replied 'I didn't say that'."
The trial continues.

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