Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Government publishes the latest round of police procurement data 
24 August 2016

Government publishes the latest round of police procurement data
New data on police procurement highlights the need for police forces to push opportunities to collaborate in order to deliver greater value for money for the taxpayer.
Since 2010/11 forces have saved in excess of £290m through better procurement and collaboration, but new information released today shows that that there are still many areas where forces could work together to identify savings.
The release is part of the Government’s transparency agenda to make the police more accountable to the public, and provide information on the prices paid by police for 18 essential items including forensic, telephony and office supplies. Forces are also asked to report on the extent to which they have collaborated to purchase these items. […]
Today’s release follows the publication in September 2015 of the prices paid by the police for items of vehicles, uniform and related equipment and will allow the public to further compare all 43 forces in England Wales. Some of the items in today’s release illustrate the complex and changing demand on police resources, for example for the analysis of mobile telephones.
The items included are: DNA test, toxicology test, mobile phone examination, forensic stain analysis, credit report, temporary staff – administrator, hire car one day hire, hire car 30-day hire, standard office white copier paper, telephone Interpretation - including call recording (Mon-Fri working hours), face to face interpreter (Mon-Fri working hours) - excluding mileage and expenses, standard office cleaning - excluding specialist cleaning (Force average), gas - Police HQ, laptop PC, desktop PC, monitor 19”, monitor 21”, telecom call charges - local peak (0800 to 1800).

The force-by-force comparison can be found here:

Face to face interpreting

Telephone interpreting

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