Monday, 24 October 2016

"concerns about the accuracy of a court interpreter" 
24 October 2016

[…] The first trial last year collapsed because of concerns over the accuracy of one of a bank of interpreters used in the case.

March 30: The trial is halted and the jury discharged after Czech speakers raise concerns about the accuracy and fairness of a court-appointed interpreter translating the evidence of key witness Josef Bukovinsky. Fellow interpreters spend hours listening to courtroom tapes before providing a report to the judge.

July 6: The trial is due to resume but it is revealed that Bukovinsky has sent the judge a letter withdrawing his statement. Matters are further complicated by the end of the original contract for the agency providing defence interpreters – meaning solicitors have to scramble about to find someone else.

August 26: An interpreter is thrown off the trial for having a mobile phone in the dock, which is interfering with the microphone and headsets being used for translation.[…]

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