Thursday, 13 October 2016

"major errors made by the interpreter during key interview with police" 
13 October 2016

[…] During the two week trial defence barristers applied for the case to be thrown out, it can now be reported.
They said that there were inconsistencies in the complainants' evidence to police, to the court and in cross-examination.
One of the girls was a "proven liar", the defence teams claimed, who had fabricated serious allegations about her home life prior to the sex assault claims.
Judge Edward Bindloss decided that the question of the complainants' reliability was best left to the jury and allowed the trial to continue.
Further problems with the high-profile case arose during the evidence Mr Alfrouh gave, when it became apparent major errors had been made by the interpreter during his key interview with police after he was arrested.
The case, in which there were three defence barristers and two barristers for the Crown as well as two Arabic-speaking interpreters, was delayed by one and a half days while all the defendants' interviews with police were checked and re-translated.
One serious mistake arose when Mr Alfrouh described seeing Mr Badreddin and the girl kissing behind the pavilion.
In his police interview he was translated as saying he saw Mr Badreddin's penis and her vagina touching.
But in front of the jury Mr Alfrouh insisted he did not say that, and when the tape was checked, an alternative translation which did not contain that passage was provided for the jury.
He was also translated as telling police he "tried to" kiss the girl who was with Mr Badreddin, but this interpretation was changed to "wanted to" kiss her, and that he stopped himself.
Later the judge was to tell the jury the cause of the delays was that the police interviews needed to be re-interpreted because errors had been made - "some of them minor, some of them major". […]

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