Thursday, 22 March 2012

Home Affairs Committee - 22 March 2012

House of Commons
Home Affairs Committee
The Role of Private Sector Companies in Policing
Thursday 22 March 2012
Chief Constable Lynne Owens and Chief Constable Chris Sims

Chair: In respect of the Westland Midlands’ own outsourcing history, I think you outsourced the contracts for interpreters, saving £750,000 for the West Midlands. Is that right?
Chief Constable Sims: We do have a contract for interpreters, yes.
Chair: Yes, but you noticed the question raised by Gisela Stuart to the Prime Minister. Even though you have outsourced this contract, you know the concerns about Applied Language Solutions-
Chief Constable Sims: I do.
Chair: -that they don’t have the interpreters?
Chief Constable Sims: We are working very hard to get that service right, but once again-
Chair: So you noted that that was-
Chief Constable Sims: I am all over that issue, I know it.
Chair: Good.
Chief Constable Sims: But what we are not doing here is simply outsourcing.

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