Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Petition: Interpreters to UK Tribunals

The petition is now closed. The list of signatures was handed to the Ministry of Justice on 15th March 2012. Thank you to everyone who signed it.

Interpreters to UK Tribunals
We, the Interpreters working for the UK Tribunals Service, hereby confirm our dismay and strong opposition to the Min of Justice outsourcing project for the provision of interpreting and translation services.
We hold that any outsourcing of these services will have not only a detrimental effect on our livelihoods as a result of the demeaning terms offered by the agencies but will undoubtedly threaten the delivery of Justice - one of foundations of British Democracy.
Interpreters are an integral part of the judicial system and a crucial tool in the delivery of Justice.
Over the years, Tribunal interpreters have shown total dedication and professionalism in being part of that process. However, if the MoJ plan goes ahead, we object to our data being transferred to the preferred supplier and refuse to work for that supplier.
We reiterate our commitment to continue working directly for the AIT and other Tribunals under the current terms and conditions.
We urge the MoJ to engage the interpreters and their representative bodies in a meaningful consultation to achieve the costs savings they seek.
We urge the Judiciary and the legal profession as a whole to support the Tribunal interpreters. Failure to do so will have catastrophic consequences on a fair and just delivery of Justice.
Signed by interpreters and their supporters.

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