Thursday, 19 July 2012

Wheeldon should get the Buckles treatment

19 July 2012 by Paul Rogerson

Wheeldon should get the Buckles treatment
[…] The parallels with the courtroom interpreting shambles appear irresistible. Here was a contract let to one of that fast-growing breed of aggressively expanding outsourcers (Applied Language Solutions, subsequently Capita) which has gone badly wrong. It seems the provider couldn’t get enough people to work for it, because the work was fleeting and the pay too low. And the public sector has been left to absorb the costs and muddle on, as of course it must.
What’s worse, even though it’s your money, government is coy about disclosing financial details, citing that weaseling get-out clause ‘commercial confidentiality’. An official enquiry into this sorry mess is long overdue. But written evidence is not enough. As the paper which broke the story, the Gazette would like to see Gavin Wheeldon, late of Applied Language Solutions and Capita, and other parties involved summoned before MPs to explain themselves - just like G4S chief executive Nick Buckles. Nothing less will do.

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