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Friday, 29 August 2014

Lack of interpreter means Burton man charged with assault will return to court

29 August 2014

Lack of interpreter means Burton man charged with assault will return to court
A Burton man facing a charge of assault has had his case adjourned.
Anton Tolok, 27, of Curzon Way, was due to answer a charge of assaulting Dale Fessey at Burton Magistrates' Court yesterday. The alleged offence was said to have taken place on August 9.
However, magistrates at the Horninglow Street courthouse were not happy for the case to proceed without an interpreter present. Tolok did have a friend to assist him with his English, but the case was adjourned.
Tolok, whose first language is Russian but who also speaks Polish, will return to court on September 4 to answer the charge.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Enquiry after Burton solicitor slams court staff issue

25 August 2014

Enquiry after Burton solicitor slams court staff issue
A full enquiry is to be launched into why an interpreter didn't show for a Hungarian defendant in court, after a complaint by his solicitor.
Karoly Gaudi has been turned away from Burton Magistrates' Court for the second time with the problem blamed on administration staffing issues.
His solicitor, Michael Taylor, said it was 'discourteous' that no one had told him that an interpreter had not been booked and asked for an adjournment as the case could not go ahead.
Gaudi, 46, of Waterloo Street, Burton, appeared at court on Friday, expecting to enter a plea after he allegedly assaulted Eva Osvathne Siramko and Timka Horvath on July 30.
Mr Taylor said: "(My client) was interviewed at the police station on July 30. An interpreter was there and he appeared at this court last Friday (August 15) and the police had agreed with an interpreter to attend. However, by Friday they couldn't attend and so I was unable to take the matter any further and expected it to be adjourned.
"On Wednesday, an interpreter was booked for this morning. But the interpreter has told the clerk that they had to go to Peterborough Crown Court this morning and wouldn't be here until 11.30 or noon.
"This court works with speed and usually pleas are taken at the first appearance and requests for adjournments are looked at with scepticism.
"No one at Stafford Magistrates' Court (which books interpreters) told me there was a problem because I wouldn't be here if I knew. I have other things to do. We also don't know how long the interpreter would be required at Peterborough for.
"I am a bit aggrieved at the way this has been dealt with and I ask for a week adjournment because I cannot make progress with this case.
"I feel I have been dealt with some discourtesy by the admin staff. This is the second time he has attended and the second time there is no interpreter.
"The admin staff knew we needed an interpreter on August 15 but steps weren't taken to book one."
The clerk at Burton told magistrates: "This matter appeared last Friday and the officers in Stafford became aware of the requirement (for an interpreter) on Monday and it is due to staffing issues that an interpreter was not booked until Wednesday.
"I will ask for a full enquiry to be made."
The case was adjourned for a week but on the understanding an interpreter was booked immediately.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

No interpreter

16 August 2014

[…] “Lin-Hin was arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm with intent following the attack on 4th June and was due to appear in front of the Isle of Wight Crown Court on Monday, however an interpreter could not be arranged resulting in the delayed appearance, which is now set for Portsmouth Crown Court on Friday.”

Friday, 15 August 2014

Warrant issued for Burton no-show case

15 August 2014

Warrant issued for Burton no-show case
A warrant has been issued for the arrest of a 20-year-old man who failed to attend court.
Dmitrij Svec, of Uxbridge Street, Burton, was due to attend Burton Magistrates' Court yesterday. […]
His case had been adjourned to yesterday for an interpreter to attend, but Svec failed to attend and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Absolute farce! £60-an-hour translator for English-speaking crooks

6 August 2014

Absolute farce! £60-an-hour translator for English-speaking crooks
Three Romanian cash machine crooks insisted on £60-an-hour translator for their five-day trial, claiming they could not follow the proceedings without her.
Then when their interpreter failed to show up this week after the trial in May, they confessed: “We speak better English than she does.”
The translator had already cost the over-stretched courts at least £1,400.
Details emerged at Gloucester Crown Court when Flavius Novac, 23, Costel Procopkiuc, 23, and Gheorghe Bechian 35, appeared for sentencing.
Judge Jamie Tabor was about to delay the hearing when the men sent him a note. Judge Tabor revealed: “I’ve had a message from them to say ‘We don’t want an interpreter because we speak better English than she does’.”
Novac was jailed for 14 months, Procopkiuc received two years and nine months and Bechian, said to be the ringleader, was sentenced to three years.
Justice Minister Lord Faulks said: “The Government has taken steps to ensure the system provides value for taxpayers. Since we introduced a new interpreting contract in 2012 we have reduced costs by £27million.”