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Wednesday, 27 February 2019

"interpreter did not attend"


21. The location order was executed on 21 January and the respondent was personally served with the court bundle and the sealed order of 10 January on 23 January. At a hearing on 28 January before Mr Justice Francis the mother attended in person. Unfortunately despite a Czech interpreter being directed by the previous order, no one attended but the mother was assisted by her cousin who interpreted for her in court. At that hearing the mother indicated that she may wish to raise a defence of consent. […]

"waiting for an interpreter"

27 February 2019

14:56 Interpreter arrives in court
Ali’s representative has appeared in the courtroom along with a Sudanese interpreter and we’re expecting the defendant to arrive in a few moments

10:49 Hearing delayed
The hearing has been adjourned until 12:30 pm, as a Sudanese interpreter cannot attend court until then.

10:31 Interpreter needed for hearing
We’re still awaiting the arrival of Ali as an interpreter is needed for today’s hearing.

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

"they couldn't get an interpreter"

26 February 2019

[…] When we meet she has just completed a session in the remand court, where sentences are issued, cases are mentioned and people's bail conditions are changed. "But we also had whatever was in the cells, some of which was from yesterday because they couldn't get an interpreter," she says. "That could be anything - you do literally get, 'Next case on your list, murder'." […]