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Wednesday, 6 October 2021

"language barriers"


6 October 2021


[…] Due to language barriers, professional services had to rely on interpreters to communicate with the family.

Coroner Joanne Kearsley said she was concerned interpreters were often asked for professional advice from the family and that there could have been lapses in general information provided.

The court heard Beni’s dad was unable to read or write, with the coroner suggesting that providing the family with a leaflet could have been ineffective in relaying important information, such as that of safe sleeping.

"I am satisfied that information was given to the family in respect of safe sleeping," Ms Kearsley said.

"I am less certain of the manner in which it was given to them. There was nothing documented to say how this was provided.

"I am also less certain as to how much of this information the family would have understood.

"Even when conversing in Romanian, [the interpreter] was not sure how much the family was able to understand due to their educational limitations."

Ms Kearsley said there needed to be a ‘very structured process’ and an ‘overall accepted practice’ of how interpreters recorded information and how they liaised with professionals.

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